"Perfectly Imperfect" Limited Edition Print by Emma Campbell Art


Limited edition print size 12”x12”
300 Prints Available Worldwide.
Numbered and Signed By The Artist.
Certificate of Authenticity Supplied.

Fun House Theatre Company is excited to bring you "Calendar Girls," a musical about bravery, friendship, and the strong spirit of community. Renowned artist Emma Campbell was commissioned to create a bespoke piece of pop art for this production: a radiant sunflower that captures the essence of our tale and embodies the symbol of hospice care worldwide—its seeds represent the patient, enveloped in petals of love, care, and compassion.

"Calendar Girls" is more than just a play. it's a showcase of the power of ordinary women doing something extraordinary, when faced with terminal illness within their community. Their story shows us it's okay to be "perfectly imperfect" and that there's strength in vulnerability. Through laughter, tears, and the symbolic presence of sunflowers, we're reminded of the enduring power of love, friendship, and community.

The "Perfectly Imperfect" painting fills your home with light. It makes you think of the good times with people who are no longer here and helps you remember to love the people who are still with us. There are hidden messages in the painting such as "just watch her rise" reminding us to live our live with the resilience of sunflowers, always striving to seek the light, even in the gloomiest of times. We are all perfectly imperfect, and that's more than enough.

Price Inclusive of Delivery within ROI. €15.00 additional for UK.
Please allow 10-12 days for delivery.
Each edition is numbered and rolled with a certificate of Authenticity.
Each print is printed on 230gsm paper with a 100% Alpha Cellulose base and a bright white inkjet receiving layer. It contains a small white border for signature and framing purposes. It features a totally smooth surface and a stiffness that belies its 230gsm weight. It is sent rolled and packaged in a sturdy print tube.

See more of Emma's work on https://emmacampbellart.com/