About The Challenge

1. Each individual must register using our Google Form which can be found here. A few days after registering you will be emailed an invitation to join the challenge on our Connected Corporate Fitness App. You won't be able to register for the event until you have received your email invitation.


Download the Connected Corporate Fitness App for Apple devices Here

Download the Connected Corporate Fitness App for Android devices Here

2. When you received your invitation email you can log into the app and join your team. 2-5 members per team only.

(You can sign up as a solo stepper. You won't be eligible to win the team prize but we will have a smaller prize for the individual winner)

3.You will be sent a link to your team's iDonate page. Our home iDonate page is here.

4. There is a launch party on 06th January Women's Little Christmas in The Old Warehouse in Tullamore. Get your team together for one last session!

5. Start your 8 week fitness challenge from Monday 08th January to Sunday 03rd of March. Our app allows for all activities you log to be converted into steps, so if walking isn't an option, your other activities will be counted! Check in on the steps leader board on our app, and on the fundraising leader board here! Make sure to share your iDonate page with everyone you know to raise money!

6.When the challenge is over, gather your crew together and come to the Wrap Party on International Women's Day 08th March 2024 in The Old Warehouse Tullamore. We will announce the winning teams! 

7. There are two prizes of a team night out in The Old Warehouse with party food and cocktails! There will be a prize for the team who does the most amount of steps, and a prize for the team who raises the most money!

How The App Works

We will be using the Connected Corporate Fitness App for this challenge.

You can then integrate your Connected Corporate Fitness App with all the popular fitness apps including Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Health and Map My Fitness to track your steps.

If you cannot connect directly to the Connected Corporate Fitness App, you can also connect your android and iOS phones to Strava and Map My Fitness and integrate these apps with the Connected Corporate Fitness App.

See Instructions on this page.


Each team/individual will be sent a personal iDonate page. The team's total amount fundraised must average €100 per member to qualify for the prizes.

I can't find the invite email, can you please send it again?

The email most likely ended in the spam/junk folder. Ask the user to look there first.

Open the Registrations screen and click the email icon to resend the email. Or click the Copy icon to copy the link to your clipboard and send that link over to the user by responding to their question. Sending the link as a reply to the support question ensures it doesn't end up in a spam/junk folder again.

Can me and my family members join with the same email address? Yes, the system will send out invite emails based on verification codes. When multiple registrations share the same email address they will receive multiple invite emails. One for each registration code.

What if I don't want to use a digital fitness tracker or iDonate?

You can still participate as an individual but not as a team. Get a friend to pop us an email to hospicesunflowersteps@gmail.com and give us your name and address and we can send you out a printed sponsorship card. You can purchase a cheap pedomoter online. You can start walking, log your steps and seek sponsorship for your efforts. As we cannot verify your step count like we can digitally, you won't be eligible for the prize, but you can still enjoy the challenge, attend the parties, and raise money for a great cause. 

Is this only for walkers?

Absolutely not! Our app allows you to convert all of your activities into a step count so you get credit for everything you do.

Is this only for women?

Absolutely not! All sexes are encouraged to participate. There are no age limitations either!

Our Email Address


Terms & Conditions

The Old Warehouse Tullamore has sponsored a night out with cocktails and nibbles for the team who raises the most money and the team who does the most steps. Each team's fundraising total must average at €100 per member on their Hospice Sunflower Steps iDonate page to be in consideration for the prizes.

Fifty percent of funds raised will go directly into The Offaly Hospice account. Twenty Five percent will be used towards the production of Calendar Girls The Musical, which in turn will raise even more money for The Offaly Hospice via calendar sales. Twenty five percent will go towards upgrading of facilities at Leah Victoria Park. In exchange TTFC are providing use of their facilities for multiple fundraising related events at no charge.